*This post is part of a series on Isaac v. Duke, a federal complaint filed with OFCCP.

Below is a list of the different university officials interviewed by the Office of Federal Contracts, Compliance, and Programs (OFCCP) during their 2016 compliance review of Duke University. The transcripts were acquired from the Department of Labor through a Freedom of Information Act request.

All managers’ names have been kept off Duke Vets’ own posts and pages because evidence suggests that the University had their retained legal counsel present during interviews. According to the Federal Contracts Compliance Manual, the University assumes all liability for anything said by managerial employees in the presence of representation. We defer to federal redaction guidelines and have therefore left the PDF files linked below in the same manner in which they were received.

This list is arranged by seniority and/or responsibility for compliance to laws the University is subject to by merit of it receiving $150,000 or more per year in federal funding. Other interviews were conducted, the FOIA exemptions of which are being disputed, and may be posted here at a later date. For now, these are all the interviews available for review;

  1. Senior Vice President of Institutional Equity & Chief Diversity Officer
  2. Assistant Vice President for Harassment and Discrimination Compliance
  3. Interim Dean of the Divinity School
  4. Associate Dean for Academic Programs
  5. Associate Dean of External Relations
  6. Senior Director of Admissions, Recruitment, and Student Finance
  7. (Former) Coordinator of Student Records and Registrar
  8. Chaplain of the Divinity School at Duke University
  9. Professor of Theological Ethics
    • Excluded from FOIA release. According to subsequent correspondence, this individual was interviewed March 24, 2017.


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